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Paul Gerrard   1st Floor Wah Hing House 35 Pottinger Street Central Hong Kong . . Hong Kong
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Step 1: If this is your first visit to our online booking system please register first by clicking the  register icon on the top left corner of this page,

If you have used our online booking system before and have registered please log enter the site by clicking the log in icon on the top left of this page.

Step 2: Select the required service category from the service category drop down box .

Note:  When you require any colour services with haircut or blowdry, always choose your colour service first.

Step 3: Choose the required service from the service drop down box.

Important note: Having  selected a colour service you must either select a haircut or if no haircut required you must select a blowdry by repeating steps 2 and 3 .

Step 4:Choose an employee from the available list of Employees.  If you do not require a specific employee, simply select either the Any, Male or Female options.

Once you’ve finished choosing all your services and employees, click Next to continue.

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